Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a tiger reserve in Chandrapur district. Major part of this forest is thrived in hilly area. Teak is the prominent tree species in Tadoba forest. Their is few lakes in Tadoba forest area which ensures rich in water resources for the park

Another member of the Tadoba Company may not exactly be cute and cuddly. But the crocodiles in the central lake are just as interesting to observe, as the leopards and tigers are. Their stealthy movements underwater bring them extremely close to the unsuspecting prey – and what follows is a logic defying speed at which the prey disappears, grasped in the powerful jaws, as it is pulled underwater.

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Accomodations / Stays


MTDC Tadoba

This MTDC resort at Moharli Gate is located on the edge of Tadoba It is recommended for guests looking for a simple yet convenient accommodation in Tadoba. Read More...





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